Hercules has been a worldwide cultural icon for centuries. A son of Zeus and champion of the Olympian order, he was a divine hero and a paragon of mankind, symbolising notions such as “inventiveness”, “power”, “bravery”, “intelligence” and “determination”. Hercules was both hero and god; heroes theos, otherwise known as a demi-god.

Hercules and the story of his twelve labors come back to life in this exhibition, enhanced by exclusively designed robotic three-dimensional exhibits, with motion and sound, and supported by lighting, props and tailor-made animations. It is in this backdrop that audiences can meet up close and personal the gods, demigods, nymphs, beasts, mortals and the immortals of classical antiquity. A captivating theme park for all, with interactive lessons about our past and about humanity, exploring areas of history, science, geography and literature.

Meet Mighty Hercules – the greatest of heroes!

This exhibition has been created under the supervision of a historical, scientific and creative team, helping to ensure educational elements and informative material are both accurate and exciting. Well-known Greek actor, writer and comedian Yannis Servetas has also contributed to the exhibition’s script, adding a special flavour to the animations and overall experience.


Hercules & the 12 labors space requirements: 4,500 f² - 15,000 f² for 1,400 m² - 4,500 m² Subject to whatever extra elements and concepts are included Display Period: 2 - 12 months Our travelling exhibitions are typically provided to museums, exhibition/conference venues, science centres, community/municipal centres, schools, parks, popular open spaces or other non-traditional venues.


The Hercules & the 12 labors exhibition comes with material to support business marketing & PR, including high resolution logo & artwork, press release templates, as well as information to enhance the experience at the park, such as guide material, information plates & interactive kids' games/activities. We can also provide digital marketing services, such as an event website and online presence, including social media and online PR via our international partners.


Production material help make the park and mythology come alive, including animatronic/moving figures and talking elements; concept & material for interactive activities; backdrops & LED curtains; decoration & props to create the mythological environment; lighting equipment; Virtual Reality device & game; photo shoot equipment, among other.


Our dedicated team will guide you through the installation/setup & de-installation process, as well as provide ongoing guidance & consultation, working closely with your team to design the event's concept. Our extensive experience with exhibiting Hercules & 12 Labors in various countries in Europe, including Greece, where the mythology originates, will ensure the process is efficient & easy, as well as creative & educational. If needed, our team will also guide and assist on the exhibition's transportation in and out of your location.

Real ancient stories or fiction; Greek mythology is something in between. Experience the magic & take away the lessons of Hercules & his 12 Labours.



Frequently Asked Questions

About 7-10 days, but this also depends on the exhibition "theme" or concept the organiser/promoter adopts.

Absolutely! A dedicated production manager will be allocated to your exhibition and work closely with your team and guide them through the installation/de-installation process. If requested, our company can also assist with transport and logistical requirements.

Yes. Nevertheless, each organizer/promoter should also maintain their own insurance and public liability insurance, as required for local conditions

The Hercules & The 12 Labors exhibition comes complete with extra attractions such as animated figures, photo area, Virtual Reality experience, interactive educational areas, and informative material. But each promoter can get creative and add other unique services/sales points.


The Hercules & the 12 labors experience is very much driven by the creative design and concept, flexible to adapt to an organiser's own ideas and input, such as with new/additional attractions and elements - also aided with our guidance and consultations. This allows exhibitions to better cater for local markets, as well as the available space and resources. Check out an example experience and some possible areas of this mythological park.