Explore the Ice Age around Greece & Cyprus

Eksagon Exhibition’s unique “Explore the Ice Age” continues with great success, having completed five events throughout Greece and Cyprus over the last 12 months.

Explore the Ice Age has been a hugely popular exhibition for school groups, tours and the general public. It is a perfect attraction during the winter time, when the natural environment and setting provides a more ideal backdrop and feeling of this historical period of time!

Eksagon’s “Explore the Ice Age” travelling exhibition has completed a busy 12 months, with events happening throughout Greece and Cyprus.

In Thessaloniki, the exhibition was put on over Christmas 2017 in the heart of the city at Aristotelous square in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, with free entrance to all.

At the same time, the exhibition was put on in the city of Drama, in collaboration with musicality as part of the Christmas project “Oneiroupoli”. A small mountain was ideal for transforming into “the Ice age”.

Later in October 2018, the exhibition travelled to Cyprus for the first time, held in association with the Mall of Cyprus with great success. The event was divided into four areas throughout the shopping mall, open to all, and hosting special school group tours.

In December, the exhibition moved back to Greece, put on in city of Volos and again in collaboration with the local municipality. The event here covered over 700 square metres, heavily focussed on interactive and educational elements and featured a special ‘crazy scientist’ attraction.

Finally, in February 2019, Exploring the Ice Age travelled to Patra, with over 1000 square meters of event space, highly interactive attractions, and special school bookings.

This Ice Age exhibition introduces visitors to our planet’s last cold period when temperatures plummeted during a series of global climate changes that occurred about 10 thousand years ago. It offers an insight into the conditions and changing habitats during this icy period, examining the living environment and the fascinating prehistoric giant animals that were part of this “mega fauna”. See their movements, hear their sounds, and learn how they lived and evolved. Together with early human ancestors and how they co-existed and adapted.

Overall, visitors can get a first-hand feel of what it was like during this Ice Age time, as well as learn about the many scientific aspects, such as the nature, culture, animals, evolution, and their extinctions.

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