At Eksagon, we've been involved in providing travelling exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East for over eight years now. Long-established knowhow in exhibition design, setup and operations, combined with dedication and passion ensure exhibitions run smoothly and successfully.

Our team is fully committed to creating amazing events, always enjoyable by both children and adults. An intimate understanding of the content and their possibilities, allows us to work closely with organisers to adapt elements for their specific agenda and local market. Thus, also making each exhibition unique in concept delivery.

our team

Anna - Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Stavros - Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Andreas - Technical Support Manager

Technical Support Manager


Integrity, honesty and focussed work can only lead to healthier business relationships. This ethos has been naturally adopted at our company, maintaining strong, long-lasting connections with clients and partners.

We become part of your team for the duration of the exhibition

We are a team of dedicated professionals, who understand and pay close attention to our client's requests and their current exhibition needs, providing a highly personalised level of service and added-value. Full devotion, customer focus and care can only lead to a better outcomes.

Solutions need to be comprehensive, yet also simple to execute

Our clients, organisers of the exhibitions are typically venues and/or promoters. This means their main focus is on local marketing and sales; generating interest and filling the room. To support this, our solutions must come complete, making the end-to-end process easier and more efficient.

New trends, new technologies and new exhibition content

Exhibitions must always be current and dynamic. Their success is our reputation. Key to achieving this is ongoing research, networking with our partners and suppliers, and regular creative workshops. The goal is always to enhance our existing exhibitions and their concepts, as well as introduce new exhibition projects.

Partners & Clients