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Eksagon Exhibitions, hereafter also referred to by its website domain name provides touring/travelling exhibitions throughout Europe and the Middle East, together with associated services: concept creation and design; technical support in setup, transportation and logistics; marketing, PR and consultation; and return on investment.

Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully, as it explains what information may be collected via the website, and how it may be used; respecting the privacy of both the website visitor, as well any affiliates and partners, together with any unlawful copyright and misuse of information.

For more information regarding legalities and use/misuse of information on the website, please read the Website Disclaimer.

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This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. It is Eksagon Exhibition’s policy to respect and protect the privacy rights of all visitors to this website.

Other than, and solely the email that users provide when willingly subscribing to the company newsletter, this website DOES NOT log or store any sensitive user personal data. Any information provided by the user voluntarily, such as via the contact form, is only sent by email, over Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), to be actioned accordingly, and not stored on this website.

Subsequently, this information is held and used in the strictest of confidence, only by authorised personnel at the company for the purpose for which you have provided them, i.e. to provide you with additional information and feedback on touring/travelling exhibition and associated services.

IMPORTANT. Only initial enquiries to touring/travelling exhibitions and associated services can be submitted through this website’s contact form, but not confirmed or paid. Eksagon Exhibitions will explicitly ask when requiring further information that personally identifies you or any personal/business information needed to contact you and follow up with the enquiry. This might be over email, telephone, or other form of electronic communication and only after more in depth discussions and establishing a proper professional rapport.

Eksagon Exhibitions will in turn use any such detail to provide more information on the enquiry for service or feedback, as requested. When a user provides information through the website – such as via the online enquiry/contact form:

  • Any information collected is used solely by authorised personnel at Eksagon Exhibitions.
  • Does not collect any unnecessary information, nor distribute any information externally without the user’s knowledge or prior consent, nor collect any information without the user’s knowledge or consent.
  • Does not allow access to this information by external parties unless required by law (for example, if the information is subject to a warrant or subpoena under local law).
  • Does not store any information, personal detail or other, on the website.

Nevertheless, in case you disagree with this after submission, please inform Eksagon Exhibitions in writing, who shall proceed to take appropriate action, as requested, such as to modify or delete any records accordingly.


Eksagon Exhibitions makes every effort to put in place suitable precautions to safeguard the security and privacy of data, and to prevent it from being altered, corrupted, destroyed or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

However, Eksagon Exhibitions does not control each and every risk related to the use of the Internet, and therefore alerts the website’s users of the potential risks involved in the functioning and use of the Internet at large.

This website may include links to other external websites or other internet sources. Since Eksagon Exhibitions cannot control these websites and external sources, the Company cannot be held responsible for the provision or display of these websites and external sources, and may not be held liable for the content, advertising, products, services, or any other material available on or from these websites or external sources, nor their collection of any data. Indeed, each should have their own Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.


Users who have submitted any personal information/data via this website have the right to request a correction or full deletion of this information/data relating to them, and to object to the processing of such data, by addressing a written request, at any time to Eksagon Exhibitions to info ‘at’

If a user would like to unsubscribe from the official Newsletter, they can do so automatically by visiting the newsletter page and clicking the “unsubscribe” option and entering the email they wish to take off the list. If any user would in turn like to re-subscribe, they can do so by simply re-entering their email at any stage.


Eksagon Exhibitions may be compelled to disclose a certain amount of information by applicable jurisdiction law, such as under local jurisdiction orders or legal notices to produce documents under law.


In order to better understand user behaviour and in turn enhance user experience on this website, Eksagon Exhibitions collects basic statistical information on website activity (such as number of users who visit the website, date and time of visits, number of pages viewed and location, entry page, exit page and links, type of browser, type of device, among other general web browsing statistical information). Collection of such data may involve the use of cookies.

Collection of such information in website traffic trends is standard, and commonly practiced on websites throughout the Internet.

Information collected on does not identify individuals as such, but it does provide statistics that can be used to analyse and improve general and user’s experience whilst on this website. Eksagon Exhibition’s personnel may in turn analyses website traffic trends to help improve the website’s design/development and overall user experience, as well as to help improve the end services provided in touring/travelling exhibitions and associated services.

Various data that may be observed through the website includes:

  • Standard machine/device identity details (used to visit the website), as is normal and necessary when a user interacts with a website and its server; and
  • ClickStream data on the nature of a user’s visit to the site, including server address, user’s upper domain category (e.g. .com, .org, .net, .cy, .eu, etc.) and thereby origin location, date and time of the visit, path taken to the website (e.g. via a search engine and which one, social media driven traffic, or link from at another site), various pages accessed, route taken through the site, exit pages, exit links, sometimes searched words or terminology performed to find the website (as this may also be encrypted by search engines), and any documents downloaded.

This website only utilises persistent cookies, essentially for keeping track/observing website visitor trends/statistics via a third party service, as explained above.

This helps to better understand user behaviour on the website and assist with future design and development in order to enhance overall user experience. This cannot identify personal detail from this information, only general/standard website traffic trends via an IP.

Cookies might also be placed in your browser when visiting via third party application plug-in or using third party modules, especially utilised during social media interactions.

By continuing to use this website service, you are consenting to the use of these cookies for the purposes described. If you do not agree to the use of cookies in this or any such way, you could set your browser’s privacy and cookies settings accordingly. Please note, if you disable cookies used, this may impact overall user experience.

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Such is the nature of fast moving web, online and digital technological trends, Eksagon Exhibitions reserves the right to modify, alter, or update this website’s Privacy Policy at any time accordingly to be relevant with any updates, and in many instances is compelled to do so. As the user, you agree to be bound by such changes, and to its current relevancy, as presented on this website at any present given time.