At Eksagon, we provide travelling exhibitions that inspire learning in a dynamic, engaging and entertaining manner; for children and adults alike. Our featured exhibitions currently available for tour include "Surviving Dinosaurs", "Explore the Ice Age" and "Hercules & the 12 Labors (Classical Mythology)"

Exhibitions can come as complete packaged solutions, supported by added-services in consultation, concept design and development, technical support such as with setup and logistics, as well as marketing and PR. Meanwhile, our experience in the industry ensures exhibitions are established as efficiently as possible, backed by know-how to help maximize profitability and return on investment.

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Surviving Dinosaurs

Always a huge hit for children and adults; families, schools, groups. This touring dinosaur exhibition is truly unique, developed in conjunction with a palaeontologist from a world-renowned museum, featuring lifelike moving dinosaurs, museum fossils & skeletons, a Virtual Reality experience and interactive activities. The exhibition is always dynamic and engaging, making it both educational and lots of fun!

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Explore the Ice Age

Travel back in time to the Earth's last Ice Age era, and enter the fascinating frosty world. This is an exciting and educational touring exhibition, where visitors can meet the amazing creatures of the mega fauna during this period, such as the mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, hairy rhinos and other prehistoric animals, as well as the early humans that lived among them. On this adventure, visitors can explore and experience this frozen planet, with animatronic models, lighting, sounds, scenery and backdrops, together with other attractions, informative material and interactive activities.

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Hercules & The 12 Labors

Classical Greek mythology is a fascinating subject, embracing history, science, geography and literature. One of the most enduring and greatest heroes of all is Hercules ( Ἡρακλῆς / Heracles in Greek). The series of adventures from his penance, known as the twelve challenging feats, the 12 Labors, is a captivated journey. It may be known as mythology, but there is no doubt that this exhibition will transport visitors to classical antiquity; to a time and story that has survived throughout the ages. Created with the assistance of experts, Hercules & the 12 Labors has been previously put on in Greece under the auspices of Greek Government, Ministry of Tourism. This exhibition is exciting, enjoyable and a wonderful learning experience for all.

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The greatest and most fascinating tale ever told! All the adventures and hardships of Odyssey come alive and unfold before the eyes of the visitors! A scenery of ancient times, with the three-dimensional, robotic creatures, the sounds and special effects along with the amazing animators, completes a highly educational and entertaining traveling theme park! Highly educational and humorous, the Odyssey theme park tour will be an unforgettable, experiential and educational visit.

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Chocolate Park

A magical journey, into the world of absolute temptation! Black, brown, white, with pieces of chocolate, with nuts, drinking chocolate… ! in any way consumed, is undoubtable the favourite sweet of the planet! Kids but also adults love the whole theme park which has been meticulously created and built not just for chocolatey entertainment, but also, educational purposes.

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Concept & Design

Our team works closely with organisers to create a successful and lively exhibition, from research and conceptual stage, assistance with design and flow, through to guidance and support with strategy. This includes options with story creation, animators/actors, decoration and material, as well as additional attractions/elements, such as photo area, interactive activities, and educational programmes.

Technical Support

Our extensive experience with setting up these various touring exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East, together with an existing network of suppliers, ensures the entire process is efficient and cost effective. Our technical services include setup installation/de-installation for both indoor and outdoor venues, and if needed, assistance with transport/logistics, vetting of venue space and exhibition layout coordination.

Return on Investment

Our goal is to ensure exhibitions are enjoyable and educational, but also that they bring good return on investment for promoters. The success of the exhibition is our reputation, so we consider it our duty to assist in meeting these objectives and to prepare a tailored plan to achieve them. This includes services such as in marketing and PR, ticketing and pricing, as well as development of ancillary revenue streams/sales points at the exhibition.


Enquiries for travelling exhibitions throughout Europe, the Middle East & North Africa. Feel free to contact us anytime for an initial discussion about one of our exhibitions and related services. Our team can then present the exhibition in more detail, together with the possibility of inviting you to visit an event that's currently on tour. We look forward to discussing your project and concept and help bring it to life!

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