Travelling Dinosaur Exhibitions – Roundup

We’ve been super busy with our very popular “Surviving Dinosaurs” travelling exhibition over the past year, captivating audiences throughout Greece.

The feedback and popularity of this Surviving Dinosaurs” exhibition has been excellent, and we must thank the great support from all our partners and collaborators who made it so special. We now look forward to more great Dino exhibitions, and in other European countries.

Eksagon’s “Surviving Dinosaurs” travelling exhibition has completed a busy 2018 year, with events happening in Thessaloniki, Patra, Rhodes and Athens.

In Thessaloniki, the exhibition was held at TIF Helexpo exhibition center between October 2016 until January 2018. In Patra, the carnival capital of Greece, April to June. In Rhodes, the exhibition took place July-September outdoors during the summer, whilst in Athens, the exhibition was held in cooperation with Helexpo Marousi.

In total, over 250,000 visitors enjoyed the exhibitions, including both locals and tourists, together with wide media coverage, lots of interactive activities for the kids, and positive reviews and feedback from both visitors and professionals alike.

Created in conjunction with highly acclaimed palaeontologist from the world leading Zigong Dinosaur Museum, this exhibition allows visitors to get up close and personal with these amazing and powerful creatures that once ruled our planet. The event features realistic animatronic dinosaurs, many museum fossils and skeletons, and enhanced by educational material and interactive activities, especially popular with children.

Animators and other creative concepts also helped bring the event to life and guide visitors through this thrilling adventure.

Learn more about our touring exhibition, click Surviving Dinosaurs