This Ice Age exhibition introduces visitors to our planet’s last cold period when temperatures plummeted during a series of global climate changes that occurred about 10 thousand years ago. It offers an insight into the conditions and changing habitats during this icy period, examining the living environment and the fascinating prehistoric giant animals that were part of this “mega fauna”. See their movements, hear their sounds, and learn how they lived and evolved. Together with early human ancestors and how they co-existed and adapted.

Overall, visitors can get a first-hand feel of what it was like during this Ice Age time, as well as learn about the many scientific aspects, such as the nature, culture, animals, evolution, and their extinctions.

A frozen world, yet powerful and full of life

This Ice Age exhibition is curated by highly acclaimed palaeontologist, Professor Zhou Shiwu, winner of “Second Prize of National Natural Science” and the “Second Prize of Scientific Progress in Sichuan”, and who’s successively published Jurassic Dinosaur Fossils in Sichuan Basin, Stegosaurus, Sichuan Dinosaurs and Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology equal to prehistoric Dinosaur related books, among more than 20 academic papers.

Professor Shiwu has participated in many major excavation and discovery work around the world, and has led scholars, experts and scientific and technical personnel to participate in international academic exchanges.


Ice Age space requirements: 150 m² - 1,500 m² Subject to whatever extra elements and concepts are included Display Period: 1 - 12 months Our travelling exhibitions are typically provided to museums, exhibition/conference venues, science centres, community/municipal centres, schools, parks, popular open spaces or other non-traditional venues.


"Explore the Ice Age" comes with material to support business marketing & PR, including high resolution logo & artwork, press release templates, as well as information to enhance the exhibition's experience, such as guide material, information plates & interactive kids' games/activities. We can also provide digital marketing services, such as an event website and online presence, including social media and online PR via our international partners.


Production material help make the Ice Age world come alive, including: 9 animatronic/moving animals from the mega fauna; artificial plant life; 2 tusks; early humans form this period; fossils for interactive digging activities; scenery and backdrops; decoration & other props to create the Ice Age environment; LED curtains; lighting equipment; controllers; educational material & interactive kid's games; photo shoot equipment.


Our dedicated team will help with the Ice Age exhibition's transportation, installation/setup & de-installation, as well as provide ongoing guidance & consultation, working closely with your team to create the event's concept. Our extensive experience with exhibiting the Ice Age in various countries in Europe & the Middle East will ensure the process is efficient & easy, so you can focus more on local marketing, promotions & sales.

Explore the Ice Age. Travel back to our planet's Ice Age to learn the mysteries & see the natural beauty of this frozen yet thriving world.



Frequently Asked Questions

About 5 days, but this also depends on the final exhibition "theme" or concept the organiser/promoter adopts.

Absolutely! A dedicated production manager will be allocated to your Ice Age exhibition and work closely with your team and guide them through the installation/de-installation process. If requested, our company can also assist with transport and logistical requirements.

Yes. Nevertheless, each organizer/promoter should also maintain their own insurance and public liability insurance, as required for local conditions.

The Ice Age exhibition comes complete with extra attractions such as photo area, skeletons, fossils and bones for interactive digging area, and informative/educational material. But each promoter can get creative and add other services/sales points.


Explore the Ice Age is very much driven by the exhibition's creative design and concept, flexible to adapt to an organiser's own ideas and input, such as with new/additional attractions and elements - also aided with our guidance and consultations. This allows exhibitions to better cater for local markets, as well as the available space and resources. Check out an example experience and some possible areas of the Ice Age world.